I was very glad to hear that two of my poems have recently been given a second life by being included in an anthology each: 1) jar of rain: The Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku 2020 (Red Moon Press), edited by Jim Kacian et al. and 2) the forthcoming Haiku 2021 (Modern Haiku Press), edited by Lee Gurga and Scott Metz. (A disclaimer: while I do not consider any of my poems to be haiku, many do contain elements of the form and are certainly inspired by it.)

The poem included in the anthology, jar of rain, was originally published in the current double issue of NOON: journal of the short poem (Issues 17 & 18). Noon is a journal lovingly edited by Philip Rowland, who is based in Tokyo. Happily, there are contributions from Jim Kacian, one of the editors of jar of rain, as well. My own poem consists of digitally generated phrases that I hand selected and arranged. This is one of the ways in which I “write”, or “collaborate”, if you will.

what we

the cut-
out of

a back-
drop of


A sister poem, composed in the same manner and around the same time, appears on the preceding page.

at the


& stony


The above poems, however, should really be read in the context of the double NOON issue. One of the endearing characteristics of NOON is that Rowland arranges the contributions so that they are read sequentially and are linked obliquely throughout.

The second of the anthologized poems, to be included in Haiku 2021, was first published in Sonic Boom (Issue 17), a colorful journal edited by Shloka Shankar et al.

in the Eden of gardening

even the analogies
grow leaves

Another one of my short poems appears earlier in the same issue, and I close this post with it here:


if no lifting into
the air no
walking on water

no stepping on
fiery coals

then what
are feet to do
on this earth

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