“I felt like the wall spoke in many voices.”

Carole Kim commenting on her multi-media installation A VOID A VOID

I was tickled all over with glee to hear that one of my experimental poems was super-enlarged and ephemerally projected, among the poems of some other poets, onto the walls of the abandoned Morrison Hotel on the other side of the planet in Los Angeles. This was part of Carole Kim’s exciting multi-media installation/performance A VOID A VOID at the outdoor public art exhibition LUMINEX. Held on April 10th, the event featured six engaging Los Angeles artists. Kim’s list of collaborators gives some idea of the dimensions of her installation: with Roxanne Steinberg + Oguri, dance; Carmina Escobar, voice & electronics; Jorge Martin, modular synth; Eli Rosenkim (Kim’s son), electronics; Alicia Gorecki & Theo Rasmussen, live-feed camera. There is also a livestream of the LUMINEX event, of which the first 14 minutes offer glimpses of Kim’s magic. Kim had us scrawl our poems by hand, and it was these versions which were projected onto the hotel’s walls. For more on Carole Kim’s work, see CKIM (carole.kim).

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