Joseph Salvatore Aversano spends his freer hours observing the subtle shifts of light up on the Anatolian steppe. He also writes down much of what he hears. And this tends to be as minimal as the landscape he lives in.

Hui Tzu said to Chuang Tzu, “I have a big tree called a shu. Its trunk is too gnarled and bumpy to apply a measuring line to, its branches too bent and twisty to match up to a compass or square. You could stand it by the road and no carpenter would look at it twice. Your words, too are big and useless, and so everyone alike spurns them!”

Chuang Tzu said, “. . . you have this big tree and you’re distressed because it’s useless. Why don’t you plant it in Not-Even-Anything Village, or the field of Broad-and-Boundless, relax and do nothing by its side, or lie down for a free and easy sleep under it? Axes will never shorten its life, nothing can ever harm it. If there’s no use for it, how can it come to grief or pain?”

Chuang Tzu (trans. Burton Watson)

Where my poems have appeared in print:

in art & literary journals:

Acorn, Akitsu Quarterly, Bones, Bottle Rockets, Contemporary Haibun Online, Die Leere Mitte, drifting-sands-haibun, ephemerae, E-ratio, failed haiku, Frogpond, Haibun Today, Heliosparrow, The Heron’s Nest, Human/Kind, A Hundred Gourds, is/let, The Mainichi Times (Japan), Mariposa, Modern Haiku, Moongarlic e-Zine, NOON: journal of the short poem, otata (including my e-chapbook supplement from otata’s bookshelf: When Izmir is the Sound of Silver (2018), The Other Bunny, Otoliths, Ping-Pong: A Literary Journal of the Henry Miller Library, Plumwood Mountain: An Australian Journal of Ecopoetry and Ecopoetics, Prune Juice, SxSE, Sonic Boom, Under the Basho, Verse-Virtual

in books:

Earth in Sunrise – International Haiku in Global Perspective, A Course for English-language Study, by Richard Gilbert & David Ostman (Red Moon Press, 2017);
The Wonder Code, by Scott Mason (Girasole Press, 2017), a Touchstone Distinguished Books Award Winner, 2017

in anthologies:

Dwarf Stars 2020, ed. Robin Mayhall (Science Fiction Poetry Association);
Haiku 2020, eds. Scott Metz & Lee Gurga (Modern Haiku Press);
A New Resonance 11: Emerging Voices in English-Language Haiku, eds. Jim Kacian & Julie Warther (Red Moon Press, 2019);
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The Living Haiku Anthology


World Haiku Association Award (Fall 2015);
The Modern Haiku Award (Fall 2014);
The First Prize HaikuNow! Award for Innovative Haiku (The Haiku Foundation, Spring 2014)